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Rt. 66 Programs Now Available!

This year’s programs are now available to anyone who needs them! All you need to do is click on the tab that says Rt. 66 State Programs, and everything you will need to know about this years State Programs, and how to submit for them, will be right at your finger tips. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Program Chairmen or the State Master Councilor.   Program Chairmen: Master Ritualist Program- Bro. Nigel Lunsford, SScr. Membership Program- Bro. Jeff Martin, SJC Traveling Hot Rod – Bro. Matt Hoffman, SSC Route 66 – Bro. Dan Vitiello, DSMC All State Programs/ Submissions – Bro. Jon White, SMC  ...

Follow NJ DeMolay on Social Media!

Members and Friends on NJ DeMolay! Just in case you weren’t aware of how to connect to NJ DeMolay on social media, here are the latest links: Facebook: www.facebook.com/njdemolay                            Twitter: @NJDeMolay                             Snap Chat:...

NJ DeMolay’s Rafting Experience!!

We are kicking things off this year with a BRAND NEW Event! New Jersey DeMolay’s Rafting Experience!!! DeMolays from all around the state will be coming together at Twin Rivers Tubing in Phillipsburg, NJ on Saturday, August 29, 2015, for a fun filled day of White Water Rafting! We will set sail from the site and take off on a 7-mile trip down the Delaware River through some calm and relaxing whitewater (Level 1 whitewater is suitable for all ages). It will cost $27 per person assuming you completely fill the 6 person raft. That includes life vests, paddles, parking, key check, and the shuttle to the drop-off point. Twin Rivers Tubing accepts Cash Only on the day of the event. Therefore, we need a definitive headcount ahead of time so we can reserve the rafts, but payment is not due until the day of the event. Please don’t forget CASH ONLY. If there is enough interest in this event and we have a large enough headcount ahead of time, we will reserve other boats as well (canoes, kayaks, etc.) to open up the options. More info will follow regarding the other boat options if the demand is there for them. But for now, we are sticking with the rafts until we have an idea of how many people are interested in attending this event. In order to reserve the rafts (and possibly other boats) in time, we need headcounts from each chapter by June 30th.  In order to reserve your spot please email our SMC, Bro. Jon White (jsw96@comcast.net), or our SSC, Bro. Matt Hoffman (mhoffman6960@aol.com), with your reservations. Thanks...


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