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Oregon Trail Prizes Update

I’m sure that your respective chapter’s have waited in anticipation for their hard earned prizes from last years Oregon Trail Program, and I’m pleased to announce that we are finally taking actions to make this come to fruition. However there will be a slight change in how this will be done.   Unfortunately, mistakes were made on both the State Council and State Staff levels last year, and the advertised prizes are no longer a possibility. We apologize profusely for this last minute change in plans, however there is an action plan in place. Each Chapter will receive a specific amount of money for their placement in last years program, and that amount of money will dependent upon where your chapter placed in last years program. Just to be clear, the State is not just giving your chapter money, it is essentially a spending limit for whatever prize(s) your members decide on. Your chapter will have until Dec. 15th, 2015 to report back to me via E-mail with what prize(s) your chapter decides on. Please bear in mind that all chapter decisions must be DeMolay Appropriate, and will be passed on to Dad Labaw, our Executive Officer, for final approval, after which the State Council will go about attaining your designated prizes   We will also be sending out other notifications via Facebook, Twitter, the NJ DeMolay website to ensure that all chapters are duly notified. As always I heavily encourage all chapter’s to submit in this year’s program (Rt. 66) to ensure that you’re chapter wins more awesome prizes at the end of this term in June 2016! I look...

Rt. 66 Programs Now Available!

This year’s programs are now available to anyone who needs them! All you need to do is click on the tab that says Rt. 66 State Programs, and everything you will need to know about this years State Programs, and how to submit for them, will be right at your finger tips. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Program Chairmen or the State Master Councilor.   Program Chairmen: Master Ritualist Program- Bro. Nigel Lunsford, SScr. Membership Program- Bro. Jeff Martin, SJC Traveling Hot Rod – Bro. Matt Hoffman, SSC Route 66 – Bro. Dan Vitiello, DSMC All State Programs/ Submissions – Bro. Jon White, SMC  ...

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Members and Friends on NJ DeMolay! Just in case you weren’t aware of how to connect to NJ DeMolay on social media, here are the latest links: Facebook: www.facebook.com/njdemolay                            Twitter: @NJDeMolay                             Snap Chat:...


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